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                       Central Nova News Nov 2016




President's Message


It is Nov already. Where has the time gone? Next thing we know it will be Christmas. We have had wonderful walking weather. I hope everyone has been able to take advantage of it. I was delighted to do walks on my bucket list. When I am walking with the group I do a lot of listening. Over and over I heard how beautiful Nova Scotia is and how fortunate we are to live here.


Tourism was up in the province. We had people from other provinces and states doing our PT walks. This is over and above the bus tour (more below). A couple from CT asked if someone could walk with them in Truro and New Glasgow. Theresa Byrne and I did and we all had a great time.


In Sept Ineke Bakker led us on the Earltown Lake and Portage trails in the Gully Lake trail system. Several of our members helped build the trails there. Master story teller Gail Brown told us ghost stories about haunted places in Truro for Halloween. Ibel Scammell and Trudy Johnson took us on new trails in Victoria Park. There is more going on in the park than most people are aware of. We had new walkers join us for these walks, a good sign indeed. Thank you to all four leaders for providing quality walks.


Thank you to the executive Dave Pearce, Tanya McNutt, Bettie Spence and Nancy Cleveland for all their assistance and support during the past year. We are in need of a trails master. Not having one this year did make a difference, particularly for me. The 2017 walk schedule is completed.


Our final walk for 2016 is our annual Christmas Lights walk on Dec 16.


It does seem early to be doing this but I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Tater Tours   


In July a number of us walked with Tater Tours, an American volkssport walking tour company led by Mary Ptacek, in Bible Hill and New Glasgow when they did our PTs. The first thing we learned upon their arrival in Bible Hill is one washroom and 50 people coming off a bus calls for some quick thinking. We were able to solve that problem in New Glasgow by sending them to the Wellness Centre before coming to the start point. We also discovered these people were used to doing a map walk on their own. They quickly saw the advantages to a guided walk and were so happy and grateful to have us with them. Everyone benefited.


This tour of the Atlantic provinces sold out 2 years in advance. Because of the popularity Tater Tours will be back next July. Again the tour is already sold out. When Mary told the group on the bus that the Canadian convention is going to held in Halifax in 2018 people and she would have a trip, people started handing her their deposit cheques.  These tours are a huge boost to our clubs.



Annual General Meeting


Our annual meeting will be held Wed Nov 16 at 7PM in the Sobey's Community Room, 985 Prince St.

We try to keep the meeting to a reasonable length. If you have something you would like brought up and cannot be there please contact me at [email protected] or phone 902-895-2592. There are good ideas floating around out there. We want to hear them. This is your club. We hope to see you there.   



CVF E-mail Address


The new address is: [email protected]



Victoria Phoenix Walking Festival

Mark your calendars!  Victoria Phoenix Walking Festival - April 21 - 23, 2017

After a very successful Festival in April 2015, the committee is now busy planning the 2017 Festival. In 2015, we had 356 walkers from across Canada and USA with some walkers coming from as far away as Florida, Hawaii, Pennsylvania and North West Territories. There was great support for our Festival from our close neighbours in Washington, Oregon, Alberta and BC.

Once again the Festival will be at the Greek Community Centre with delicious Greek & Italian style food at the Friday Meet & Greet and Saturday night dinner. Lunches and snacks will be available all weekend at the cash bar. Friday night Meet & Greet is included in the $10 Festival registration fee.

Register online at - vvpf.ca or print and mail the registration form available on our website.

There will be four Festival event walks with open starts Friday to Sunday for the 5 to 12 km distances and 21, 32 & 42 km walks on Saturday and a 21 km on Sunday. Optional group walks available starting with the opening walk on Friday afternoon. Don't miss the pre and post Festival walks advertised on our website or the many PT's available in Victoria and on the Island.

Come join us for fun, food and friendship. Lots of great prizes!!

The Victoria Phoenix Festival Committee:

Christine & Rick Desjardins, Malca Casiro, Judy Haynes & Joan Sanderson

Website - vvpf.ca Email - [email protected]


Convention 2016   Langley, BC

May 27-29, 2016


Convention 2016 was held in Langley BC with the Surrey Trekkers hosting the weekend of events of events and the AGM

There were 14 members in attendance from Atlantic Canada.

The first two days we did have rain but that didn’t dampen the walking spirits of almost 300 Volkssporters.

The walks in Langley were very interesting with lots of history of the town and area as well as the many parks in and around the town.  There were 7 possible walks to do in the area as well as the Convention Walk and President’s walk.

The AGM went well.  Short and sweet.  It was mentioned that next year, 2017, being the 150th Birthday for Canada as well as the 30th Anniversary for the CVF that a free sanctioned walk will be offered to each club.  This walk would usually take place on or about Canada Day (July 1st).  The clubs would only have to pay $10.00 for the insurance.  Suggestions were also made that your walks could be a special event or special program – such as 30 walks or 150 kms of walking during the year.

We saw Ethel Hansen, CVF President step down after 4 years in that position and Beverley Cattrall taking her place.  We wish Beverley all the best in her position as CVF President.

On the Monday following the Convention 50 people enjoyed a day of walking and wine touring in the area.  We set out early in the morning on the bus to visit two wineries and enjoyed two walks during the day with a get together in the evening for dinner.

Following the weekend of walking and the day of wine tours several members from Atlantic Canada went their own way to enjoy some relaxation, visiting friends and family, and touring in British Columbia before returning home.

It was great to have Allyson Hayman, a past CNVC member, now living in Calgary, join us for the Convention weekend.  It is always great to attend these events to see old friends and to meet new friends.  Volkssporting can really bring us together for the FUN, FITNESS AND FRIENDSHIP!, 

Mark your calendars for 2018 – the convention is going to be held in Halifax, hosted by the Dartmouth Volksmarch Club.  If you never had the opportunity to attend a convention in the past now is your chance to come out and see what it is all about, and make new friends along the way.

Happy Trails,


Submitted by Lynda Kanne