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                       Central Nova News Nov 2017



President's Message: Heather McLeod

We have had a beautiful summer and fall. I do hope you have been able to do lots of walking as a result.

Tourism was definitely up. We have had walkers from other parts of Canada and the USA (including British Columbia and Hawaii) do our PTs.

 This was my first time organizing a marathon. With help from Sheila Wilson, Tom McNutt, Ineke Bakker, Gail Brown, Patti Sowinski, Tanya McNutt, Bettie Spence and Elsie Buck (CBIH), all went well. Congratulations to the nine people who completed the 42 km and looked at the end like they had just done a short stroll in the park. The banquet was delicious and we had lots of fun with the auction.

In Oct master story teller Gail Brown took us on a tour of historic Maitland. I thought the village consisted of one main street so was quite surprised to learn there was way more.

With Remembrance Day approaching Patti Sowinski's walk in Debert appropriately enough included a section in the former Camp Debert.

I am delighted to announce we have a new trails master, Patti Sowinski who has taken to the position like a duck to water.

Sheila Wilson (representing Cobequid Eco trails of which CNVC is a member) and I recently attended a meeting of the Outdoor Network. This brought together people with interests in trails in Colchester, Cumberland and East Hants counties and will be additional venue for promoting our walks. There will be another meeting in the spring.

Our final walk of the year will be our Christmas lights walk in Bible Hill followed by a wine and cheese party at the home of Jim and Nancy Cleveland, 56 Moonlight Court, Crowes Mills.

Trails Report: Patti Sowinski

This seems to be a fabulous Autumn season and I hope it takes its time drawing out. I am really taking advantage of getting out and just did the new Peace Trail in Pugwash. This trail has been getting some good publicity and various members are talking about it and checking it out.  It is a longer walk because of the terrain but you are quite often beside the Pugwash River and can get pretty views through the small band of trees between you and the water. So I am wondering about the interest of this trail for a future hike. As well as finding out other places my fellow Volkssporters would enjoy going out for an adventure. So please contact me [email protected] with any suggestions. I also will be leading the next walk  Nov. 4, in Debert, which happens to be 2 different 5k's in scenery and terrain right across the road from each other. Hope to see you there and Happy Travels!


5 Year Service Awards


Three of our members, Gail Brown, Patti Sowinski and Nancy Cleveland received the Ron Colpitts 5 year awards for outstanding service to our club. Congratulations and thank you for your hard work. We appreciate you.


Annual General Meeting

Wed Nov 15

7 PM

Sobeys Community Room

985 Prince St

I know many people consider an AGM to be a long, boring  meeting. We try to keep it as short as possible and believe it or not, we actually laugh. Please consider attending.


CVF Special Walking Programs

The annual Winter Walking program began on Oct 15 and runs until March 31. You can download the stamp sheet from the CVF website  http://www.walks.ca/files/Winter%20Walking%20EN.pdf     The cost is $5 when you send your completed sheet into the CVF Office to receive your certificate.                                          This is a great incentive to get out and walk in the colder weather.


The Trans Canada Trail Program has been extended until 31 Dec 2018. Our 3 PTs qualify for this program. It is really good to see the number of people using the TCT or Great Trail as it is now called.


CVF Convention

The brochure for the convention has gone out separately. If you register before Dec 31 you can save $10.

The post convention bus tour led by Rick and Lynda Kanne is sold out. They will be doing 2 walks with us – Victoria Park and Stellarton.

Tater Tours, an American tour group, will be attending the convention and they will be doing 2 walks with us as well – Sackville, NB and the Truro PT.


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Doug Jackson & I am a member of the Surrey Trekkers B.C. Volkssport Club. It has been 2 years (Oct 21) since my wife Nancy & I did our 1st 10km walk. My club asked me last April if I would be interested in finding ways to get our Surrey Trekker name known to the public in our area. I am now the Surrey Trekker public relations guy and I would like to report the following-

I am kind of a numbers guy, and so much of what we do relates to numbers.  Let me show you how numbers relate to our Clubs.

            36.5 million Canadians           13 million under 30 years old             13 million aged 30-50

            13.5 million over the age of 50

Volkssporters in Canada: 1,500+

            WOW! This must be wrong, right?

No, these numbers are correct.  What are these numbers telling us?

That WE have some work to do.

What I have learned about Volkssporters in my two years of being a Surrey Trekker is that Volkssporters are a great bunch of very social, exercise oriented, fun people.  It doesn’t seem to matter if they are from Eastern Canada, Alberta, Vancouver Island, Surrey or the U.S.A.

I also have to believe that out of the 13.5 million Canadians in our age group, at least 0.1% of them

(yes 13,500) must be similar to us and would like to “Come Walk With Us” (who wouldn’t!).


Quick fact: I recently went to a meeting locally of mostly healthcare professionals.  There were Twenty-five people in attendance, only one had heard of the Surrey Trekkers!  Yes, we have some work to do.

What can we do to fix this situation? There is not one way, but many ways:

1) Talk (we ARE good at that); 2) rack cards; 3) posters; 4) Facebook; 5) community involvement; 6) Meetup; 7) what is your idea?

‘Meetup’ is the one I want to discuss here.

Beverley Cattrall, CVF President and David Hall, Vice-President, with a lot of hands-on assistance from Walter Cool from Alberta, helped us get set up.  CVF has made membership available to all clubs in Canada - for free.  WOW, so easy.  All you have to do is find your own Jerry van Zuuk (our Surrey Trekker volunteer) in your club willing to spend about 2 hours a week in the early stages, to input your walk schedule.  Jerry says “a lot less time now after two months of doing it”.

Is Meetup working for us?  Yes

We went live on August 24, 2017.  On October 24 we have 170 Meetup members; forty-five are Volkssporter Club members (this is very important to the success.)  So, 125 people had never heard of the Surrey Trekkers.

Twenty-five of these have joined us on a walk.

Three have become members, in just two months

Hmmm.... back to numbers again it seems

If I can ask you to do three things please:

1) Join our Meetup site & watch the weekly activity:


2) Contact Walter Cool [email protected] and get your Meetup site working

3) Send me an e-mail, tell me your successes and the ideas you have to grow our clubs. [email protected]